Alex Echols

Embracing the Present Moment: The Power of Mindfulness, Awareness and Deep Breathing

When you inhale deeply, you anchor yourself in the raw texture of the present moment, where the past and future dissolve into the ethers of the now. 

Each breath you take is a testament to the power of mindfulness as you continue to move throughout the ever-evolving dance of life. 

It’s in this space, this sacred space of the present moment, where you can truly discover the essence of being and your being.

Unshackled and untethered from the grips of yesterday and tomorrow. No worries or fears.

Here, in the gentle rise and fall of your breath, lies the untold story of your true depth, your connection and your well being. 

As you breathe in and out, remember: 

You are here, you are alive, you are whole.

Remember that all you have is right now.


Alex Echols