Alex Echols - Weight Loss

Why Do We Get Fat? A Feature on Wellness

Today, I can’t pick a better way to celebrate than to be grateful for the beautiful journey thus far. Many of you may know this. But. Many, many of you probably do not.  For the last 5-7 years, I have been on a journey of discovery and self-transformation through mind, body and spirit – and…

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Momentum Coaching with Alex Echols

It’s Time: Step Into Your Greatness

Dear Extraordinary Human Being, Please read this post and after, take a few moments to close your eyes and envision the life that you are about to read about: “Imagine this: a year from now you wake up to a fresh, new exciting day with birds chirping outside your window. You choose to lie in…

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Alex Echols Sexy Body

Join Me for an Adventure: The IsaBody Challenge

To all my friends, amigos and loco mofos – I am soon to be embarking on a new adventure and I am looking for a select few of you to join me. Actually, I am looking to challenge you! Yes, I am challenging you to join me on an upcoming adventure called the IsaBody Challenge,…

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Burning Man - Alex Echols

Why I Attended Burning Man: Lessons From My Late Cousin

The Truth Is: I’m one of those people who can respond that I’m doing fantastic or always cheery even when I’m not. Growing up in Chicago, I learned that skill very well. 9 years ago to this exact day, my family and I lost my 14 year old younger cousin to aggressive Leukemia. In the…

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The Month Life Changed

Putting things into perspective: I believe life is meant to be fun. It is meant to be enjoyed and full of beautiful, magic moments.  I believe it’s meant to test us, stretch us and push us to heights that we could only imagine…because we are worthy of abundance. I think it is perfectly normal for…

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