Step by step creates a mile: Chase the vision, trust your hustle, build your biz, speak with conviction, pay it forward & live like you mean it.


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Earlier in his professional career, Alex helped build several multi-million dollar entertainment brands (The Dark Knight, Shrek, Harry Potter 6), but these days, that’s not what gets him to jump out of bed each morning.

Today, he is best-selling author, speaker and mentor for millennial entrepreneurs.  His biggest passion is helping people to create epic online businesses based on their passions with Ultimate Biz Builders. By living out his dreams and impacting others, he hopes to inspire millions throughout the world to do the same (or bigger).

The best-selling author of Abundance Now and the co-author of ‘the Secret,’ Lisa Nichols says that Alex’s bestselling book, The Two-Week Notice (, is “your guide to unapologetically stepping into your greatness in your business and life.”

Throughout his career, Alex has been blessed to learn from some of the world’s top entrepreneurs, business leaders, coaches and political leaders, helping him to build and share his message with the world.

He has spoken about pursuing a passion-based life at Fortune 500 companies, conferences, universities and leadership development programs, and he writes about personal growth and how it fits into millennial entrepreneurship.  His writing has been published on Under30CEO, Addicted2Success, ThoughtCatalog, Prsuit, among many others.

He is a proud graduate of Vanderbilt University and can be found traveling the world sharing his message and living a life of deliberate intention and purpose.


What Does Impossible Mean?

Throughout my younger years, I was told many times what was possible and what was considered impossible. I was urged to be realistic and follow a path of ‘security’ in life (the road frequently traveled), but instead I decided to set my visions down the road less traveled, which I have since realized is very well worth it, although it is difficult at times.

My name is Alex Echols and my work, my writing and words are for anyone who has ever heard anything similar to “be you, be normal, be average – that’s impossible.” And instead of following these words, they had the courage and passion to go on and do it anyway.

A few years ago, I resigned from my very comfortable ‘dream job,’ simply because I felt I was not leaving a big enough impact (sound like you or someone you know, perhaps?). Since then, I’ve embarked on a journey to pursue meaningful, value-adding work and to discover my tribe of thoughtful go-getters and business ninjas.

Alex Echols

The Challenge

I speak and write on themes within the New Era of Global Business that we are evolving into, and I am an advocate for my fellow millennial entrepreneurs. Stats show that the world is changing so rapidly because we have a few challenges to work on. With over $1 Trillion in student debt, most students are going into jobs they dislike simply to repay for a failing educational system (only 13% of all people worldwide enjoy going to work each day). And while these numbers are quite alarming, other stats show that as Milennials, we’ve had enough.

The Mission


No longer do we want to go to work simply to pay the bills. In fact, 92% of our generation believes that business success should be measured by more than profit. We are conscious capitalists who understand that it is not only imperative that we find purposeful work and be of service to others, but that we are also fairly compensated for our worth and expertise.

That’s where I enter.

My purpose and my mission in life is to help individuals throughout the world discover just how powerful they are, while building epic businesses, conscious tribes and sustainable communities that pay it forward throughout the world.

We are here to help each other.

I wish you the best of journeys and here’s to your success. Please let me know how I can help! One of my favorite parts about what I do is getting the opportunity to share my knowledge with audiences ranging from conferences and universities, to webinars and summits.

I believe one message has the power to change anyone’s life.

One Life, You Decide – Enjoy the Journey.